Q: How long will my removal take and how much will it cost? 
A: We need to assess each job individually, and consider all the factors which will affect the time required, and therefore the price we quote. Issues such as volume of items involved, access, stairs, parking, packing materials, and distance between properties. We will take all these factors into account to provide an accurate and fixed quote. 
Q: Do you offer a packing service or should I do the packing? 
A: Yes, we are able to offer a full packing service including materials, and many of our customers prefer this option and leave it to our team providing convenience and peace of mind. Should you wish to pack all or part of the items we can provide all the materials you need. 
Q: Do you dismantle and reassemble? 
A: Yes, all we ask is that this is made clear when we are undertaking our audit to provide a quote, so the exact requirements are understood at the outset. Also, we can ensure we have the correct tools on collection to facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted delivery. 
Q: Do you work weekends? 
A: Our normal working week is Monday to Friday. Weekend work can be accommodated, and a surcharge is applied for working either Saturday or Sunday or both days, which will be advised at time of quotation. 
Q: Are you insured? 
A: Yes. We do have full public liability insurance. 
Q: How much is it going to cost? 
A: The cost of your clearance will depend on several factors from the amount we have to clear and the time it will take through to the type of waste you would like cleared. To find out exactly we recommend you give us a call or send us an email. 
Q: Can you quote over the phone or online? 
A: In most cases, yes. Give us a call, or send an email. 
Q: How long will my clearance take? 
A: The time it takes to carry out your clearance will normally always depend on the volume needing to be cleared and in most cases even the biggest of jobs will be done in a day. 
Q: Do you buy items as part of a clearance job? 
A: Only occasionally, and any value will be used to offset some items against the total cost of the clearance job. 
Q: Are there any surcharges I need to be aware of? 
A: Due to the hazardous nature of some items and the danger they pose to the environment it is inevitable extra costs will be incurred to ensure safe disposal during the recycling process. 
Q: What happens to my waste/junk? 
A: Our first port of call will be try to donate as much as possible to one of the many charities we commonly use or one of your choice. What we can't donate we will take to a reputable recycle centre or licensed waste disposal site. 
Q: Do you remove fixtures and or fittings? 
A: This is not normally included. 
Q: Do you clean afterwards? 
A: We do not offer a chargeable cleaning service, but will leave the space clear and tidy. 
Q: Do I need to be present when you carry out the clearance? 
A: No. We will just get on with the job and inform you of progress and when we have finished. 
Q: What if I need to retrieve an item or change my mind? 
A: Hopefully it won't ever come to this as we always carry out a thorough assessment before we start making sure you are certain about what you want taken away. But should you change your mind we suggest you inform us immediately and we will do our upmost to return the item or items involved. 
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